Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Announcement of live webcast of Kokoro gospel

On December 22nd, we will webcast live of “Kokoro Gospel” which will be held at Nakano ZERO small hall
We will webcast live online on that day, and we webcast the video data. It is able to watch for a week. Please contact to the address as follows for application. Ticked for live visual and audio is 1,000 yen for one person. If more than 5 people gather at one place such as a church and watch it, the ticket becomes 3000 yen. Please apply for it. 
Kokoro gospel 28th LOVE CAME DOWN
Date:December 22nd(Friday)From 19:00
Place:Nakano ZERO small hall
Ticket of live webcast:1,000 yen
for more than 5 people 3,000 yen
For application for a ticket :thevision.gospel@gmail.com
For more information
The Vision TEL: 070-6462-5345(only for the concert)

Monday, 18 December 2017

Hawaii team will be sent on March

March Hawaii team will be sent.
Date: March 12 - 15, 2018.
Further details will be informed later.
Condition: Those interested in participating should have to attend a seminary class of Overseas mission 2, now. 
If you want to apply this team, please contact North America Division of The Water Flowing From the Sanctuary Mission.


Notice about Kokorogospel Live Stream

Our gospel concert called “Kokoro Gospel” will be held at the Nakano Zero’s small hall on December 22nd. The concert will be streamed live. It costs 1,000 yen per one person and 3,000 yen per more than five people of one church. The video format will be available for one week.
Kokorogospel 28the LOVE CAME DOWN
Date: Friday 22nd December
Starting at 7 P.M.
Place: Nakano Zero Small Hall
Live tickets:
1,000 yen per one person
3,000 yen per more than five people of one church
If you’d like to see it on streaming, please email us at thevision.gospel@gmail.com.
The Vision
Tel. 070-6462-5345

Friday, 8 December 2017

Donation For Work and Orphanage In Zambia

Mr. Philipp Meyers in Israel donated for the works and orphanage in Zambia. We thank God.

Fukuoka J-Gospel Club Held Concert In End-of-Year Party

On December 6, Fukuoka J-Gospel Club held a concert in a joint end-of-year party of workers of a facility where we held a concert some time ago. It was held in a Chinese restaurant and about 70 poeople got together. We sang Yasuragi songs and some Christmas songs for them.
Since it was a party, some of the audience were enjoying themselves, but others were listening to us intently.
As we sang the last song, “God Is Love” they began to clap their hands and there was joy in thier hearts. Some told us later that it was a very good concert.
There were some tings we had to learn for it was our first time to sing in a end-of-year party. We expect that doors will be opened for the praise band in the future.

People from NPO organizations visited our Cambodia Orphanage

Japanese NPO organization visited our Cambodia Orphanage. We also got support for food, medicine and clothing.
Thank you very much for visiting us every year and We really appreciate your ongoing support.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Hakuba Syunerugi Camp’s schedule

The Hakuba Syunerugoi Camp will be held from Wed., 28 Feb. through Fri., 2 March.

Friday, 1 December 2017

The Newest Album Of Gifts, “Sekai-no Owari (End of the World)” Will Be On Sale

Arechini Kawa Music released on December 1, the newest album “Sekai-no Owari (End of the World).”
Hit songs like “Sekai-no Owari” “Hanairo” “Boukyou” and “God Is Love–Love Is All We Need” are included in the Album. The price is 1,500 yen plus tax.
Please contact:

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Fukuoka Charismatic Holy Conference will be held

On January 9th 2018, Fukuoka Charismatic Holy Conference will be held. Pastor Paul Akimoto will come and minister to us.

It will start from 1:00 p.m.
Venue: Masatomo BLDG. (4-5-20, Tenjin, Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka City)

Friday, 24 November 2017

Outdoor live was held

On Nov. 23, Fukuoka J.Gospel club had an outdoor live at Kasuga Park. It was a cold day, but when the live had started, it became warm with sunshine. It was blessed by God.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Notice about Israel Team

Our hotel room reservation must be confirmed with the travel agency by Sunday, 22 October. So the deadline is Oct. 22nd. After that time, we cannot guarantee availability, but we try to book the rooms at the time we receive the request.
As of Oct. 18, the tour price per person is 2,217 dollars (If the number of the team is 59) and the ticket’s price per person is 236,500 yen.
For information and registration,
please contact the Israel Department of Mission.
TEL 03-3339-0588 / FAX 03-3339-0587
E-mail: wfsm_israel@msn.com

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Please pray for James of Zambia Orphange

James is a 17-year-old boy. We protected him from streets, but he had a traffic accident, broke ribs and femurs and pulmonary contusion. He has been seriously injured.
If he doesn’t perform an operation for his femur soon, he might have his leg amputated. Please pray healing for him and his future.
We need 150,000 yen for his operation and treatment. Without enough money, he can’t be in operation. Please meet the financial need.
We’ve heard that his lungs are bleeding. In Zambia, even though looking fine, many people die because of medical malpractice.
Please pray for stopping bleeding, protecting from medical malpractice, healing his lungs perfectly, keeping his life and no aftereffects.
Bank accounts
Bank account (If you pay, you need a transfer fee.)
· Mizuho Bank Gotanda branch (ordinary money order)
 Account number 2069305
· Account name / NPO Cornerstone Orphanage
Postal transfer
Postal transfer (In case of being transferred by our transfer form, the payment fee will be free.)
· Account number / 00130-5-24249
· Account name / NPO Cornerstone Orphanage
· For street children of the Zambian Orphanage
We’re looking forward to your helps.

We Were Able To Buy Raincoats And Boots For Children In the Philippines

The children living in the Smoky Mountain in the Philippines have problems going to school on rainy days because of the mud. The other day, we were able to send money to buy raincoats and boots so that they can go to school safely on rainy days.
The staff members in the Philippines will buy raincoats and boots and hand them to the children. The children are very glad.
We thank for your support.

On Saturday, October 14 “Ikebukuro J. GOSPEL FES 2017” Will Be Held.

On Saturday, October 14 “Ikebukuro J. GOSPEL FES 2017” will be held. (Organized by the Vision)
Please come and join us. (The concert will be broadcast over the Internet.)
Date and Time: Saturday, October 14. 11:30 through 16:00.
Location: Ikebukuro Nishi-guchi Pak, Outdoor Stage
Admission: Free
Organized by The Vision
For Further Information contact: the Vision
TEL: 070-6462-5345
E-mail: info@thevision.co.jp
11:30-11:40 hyssop
11:40-11:50 Shalom
11:50-12:00 GRACIOUS DOORS
12:00-12:10 The Gate of Praise
12:10-12:20 Tree of Life
12:20-12:30 By His Spirit
12:30-12:40 Eucharistias
12:40-12:50 L’abeille
12:50-13:00 PATOLIS
13:00-13:15 Ouranos
13:15-13:30 Beracha
13:30-13:45 La Spoza
13:45-14:00 Truth
14:00-14:10 Plaisir
14:10-14:25 Kibbutz
14:25-14:40 Immanuel
14:40-14:55 JOY
14:55-15:10 Jerusalem
15:10-15:25 Gospel Seed
15:25-15:40 Tehillim
15:40-16:00 Gifts

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Friday, 6 October 2017

Fukuoka Charismatic Holy Conference will be held

Fukuoka Charismatic Holy Conference will be held on October 9th. Everyone is invited (Admission free).
◆Date: October 9, 2017
Seminar of prophecy 13:00-13:40
Holy Conference 13:45-16:00

◆Venue: Masatomo BLDG. (4-5-20,Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City)(Map)
 Pastor Paul Akimoto (TLCCC Tokyo Antioch Church)
   Pastor Isaiah Makoto Kihara (TLCCC the Servant of God Nagasaki Church)
   Pastor Israel Megumi Kosuda (TLCCC the Crown of Life Fukuoka Church)


Sunday, 1 October 2017

Gospel concert at a nursing home

On September 30th, Fukoka J.Gospel Club was invited from a nursing home in Sawara Ward and had a concert. Around thirty people gathered together, they enjoyed Japanese songs, songs with motions and also J.Gospel from Yasuragi no Kuta(peaceful songs) and Kaze no hibiki. Some were touched and shed tears. We got an encore. The concert was so blessed by God.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Fukuoka J Gospel Club Holds Concert In Mental Hospital

On September 26, Fukuoka J Gospel Club held two concerts in the morning and in thee afternoon, in the prefectural mental hospital.
As thirty or forty patients got together, we sang songs from Kazenohibiki and Yasuragi songbooks and Amazing Grace. We held a workshop of “God is Love,” and we had a good time. Some of the patients were weeping. Others said “I wanted to hear your songs forever,” and “It was very good.” There was a response from the patients who does not show their emotions. They asked us to come at Christmas.
We expect tha the Lord is going to do great works. We praise the name of God who leaded all this.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Praise team of Crown of Life Fukuoka church held a concert in Acoustic live

On 19th, Acoustic live was held Camping place of Tukushi-gun Fukuoka prefecture called Greenpia Nakagawa skip square, sponsored by Nakagawa-cho. “Blessing Rise” of Crown of Life Fukuoka church has invited, they appeared on the stage with “Fukuoka J-gospel Club”. In a fine weather, and in a refreshing nature, we sang from “The sound of wind” and other gospel songs, and we also webcast the live on line. At the last, we sang “God is Love”, and everyone was glad making letter L with their hands. After the live, one male staff “it was truly wonderful. I am a Catholic but the Lord is speaking to me”, he was touched very much. he also asked us to hold a live again. We praise the Lord led the live.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Cambodia Orphanage’s children passed the entrance examination

Naomi and Chan in the Cambodia Orphanage passed the high school entrance examination. They will be high school students.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Information of live webcast of Kokoro Gospel concert

We will webcast the sound of Kokoro Gospel concert.
Date:August 11th Friday Open at 18:30 Start at 19:00
Venue:Nakano ZERO small hall.
Live webcast Ticket: 1,000yen
Group of 5people and more 3,000yen
(It is possible to listen for one week from the actual concert.
performer:Gifts, True Vine, Jerusalem, JOY, Bless、Yuki Nakamoto and more.
Apply for Live webcast Ticket:thevision.gospel@gmail.com
Kokoro gospel web site http://www.gospelconcert.jp/
The Vision limited company
TEL: 070-6462-5345(only for the concert)
E-mail: thevision.gospel@gmail.com

Saturday, 5 August 2017

JOY’s second album “Kibouwomisuete Egaode” is now on sale

JOY‘s second album “Kibouwomisuete Egaode” is now on sale. The album has five songs: “Yorokobinouta”, “Message”, “Hakuba”, “Maranata” and “JOY” in English.
It costs 1050 yen. Each song is 250 yen.
You can buy it at iTunes Store, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Music.jp store, oricon, Tapnow, kkbo, ora Google Play Music, AWA, etc.

Friday, 4 August 2017

L’abeille’ music album ‘Dear My God’ digital distribution is now on sale

A singing group named L’abeille‘s music album ‘Dear My God’ digital distribution is now on sale. It has seven songs: “Hikokininotte”, “God And Old Man”, “God Is Our Helper”, “Iidabashi”, “Kazenochiame”, “Kamisamanotokiwakanzen” and “Dear My God”. Each song costs 200 yen. The album costs 1400 yen.
You can buy them at iTunes Store, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Music.jp store, oricon, Tapnow, kkbo, ora Google Play Music, AWA, etc.

Miracle’s “To You” digital distribution is now on sale

A singing group named Miracle‘s “To You” digital distribution is now on sale. It has four songs; “To You”, “Hanairo”, “Lay Your Burdens” and “Genkiwodashite”. It costs 750 yen. Each song is 250 yen. You can buy it at iTunes Store, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Music.jp store, oricon, Tapnow, kkbo, ora Google Play Music, AWA, etc.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Naomi’s single “Returning Bridge” sound format is now on sale

A singing group named Naomi‘s single “Returning Bridge” sound format is now on sale. It costs 200 yen. You can buy it at iTunes Store, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Music.jp store, oricon, Tapnow, kkbo, ora Google Play Music, AWA, etc.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

August 11 Friday, KOKORO Gospel concert is going to be held

August 11 Friday, the gospel concert KOKORO Gospel is going to be held at Nakano ZERO small hall.
Please come here.
Opening at 18:30
The performance commences at 19:00
ticket fee
Adult 1,000 yen / Junior high and high scool student  700 yen / Under elementary school addmission free
Plan production
The Vision
TEL 070-6462-5345
E-mail info@thevision.co.jp
WebSite http://thevision.co.jp

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Announcements for those who are coming to the Hakuba Camp

We have some annoucements for those who are coming to Hakuba Camp.
Please bring an insurance policy with you.
If you are using medicine everyday, please bring them, too.
Those who are going to use the chartered bus from Tokyo Antioch Church, please bring motion sickness drug.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Solar panel was installed on the Zambia Orphanage

The solar panel was placed on the Zambia Orphanage.
There are a lot of blackout in Zambia.
We really appreciate it

The Patmos Team Came Back to Japan

The Patmos Team (the Lufthanza airlines, Swiss Air Transport Co., and Air France) have safely came back to Japan.
Thank you for your prayers.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Information for the Charismatic meetings in Patmos team

Patmos Team has been sent until July 20.
A Charismatic Meetings in the evening will be held on 18th Tuesday too.
Athens Charismatic Meeting
Location: Divani Palace Acropolis Hotel
Date and Time: Tuesday, July 18th From 19:30 Evening Charismatic Meeting
Address: Parthenonos 11742 Athens Greece
TEL:: +302 109280100
FAX: +302 109214993

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The latest information of Patmos team is uploaded

The latest information of Patmos team is uploaded.
Have a look.


Fukuoka J Gospel Club Held a Concert at an Adult Nursing Care Facility

On the 8th, Fukuoka Gospel club of “Life Crown Fukuoka church” held a concert at a Catholic adult nursing care facility at Kasuya, Fukuoka. It was postponed by typhoon and become this date. On the day, we could have a concert without heavy rain and the weather was protected. We regularly serve at this facility. Approximately 30 people were expecting and waiting for us. We could praise in joy.
We sang “Sound of Wind”, “Peaceful Song”, and folk songs together. They sometimes shed tears and listened. They were listening to direct gospel songs like, “Juujika no ue kara” attentively. After the concert, they said “touched”, “it was joyful””I want to listen again” having tea together. Staffs also requested us for the next visit. We want to visit the area where heavy rain hit as a praise band. We give thanks to God who led us!

In Hakuba camp, praise seminar will be hold.

In Hakuba camp, on July 26th, after night holy meeting, praise seminar (tentative name) will be hold. 
 Please participate if you have interest.
 On July 26th, after night holy meeting
 Speaker of the seminar
 Pastor Paul Yumino
 Pastor timothy Yamakawa
 Evangelist Masahiro Sato 
 Outline of seminar
 ・The importance of the work which stands on the foundation of church.
 ・Praise is the important point of the revival.
 ・How to deal with fan, etc.
 Venue: B1F Azumino Tuition fee: 500 yen for one person br />

About the sound distribution of Patomos team 2017

From Astone corporation will distribute the sound of mission team for Patomos which has been sent from today.
According to the environment of internet, it would be webcast live on time for free. So knowing the situation, if you want distribution, please apply to Astone shop. The charge of distribution is 1000 yen.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Report and request from Zambia orphanage

We received a report and request of urgent needs from Ms. Zion Oko Mutale of Zambia.
Thank you very much for your prayer and your precious support always.
Big fire broke out in succession at a market and tourist spot of Lusaka and other places, and “Quasi emergency status declaration” has been declared.
There is suspicion of arson as cause of those fire.
Troops are deployed for towns and tourist spot.
There are people who suspect “incendiary could be street kids? so street kids are gathering to orphanage asking for help. 10 children came to the orphanage yesterday. Usually we have about 30 children (street kids), but now we have about 40 children.
More children to come from now on.
I heard there is a possibility for foreigners to be deport from the country forcibly.
In this confusion, internet does not work at all.
In newspapers, we see articles of political intension about this confusion.
For example “time of last presidential election, opposing candidate has been held in jail (even now he is in jail), and supporters of that opposing candidate might have set fire?”
Or the article which says “The current administration is trying to destroy the opposing candidate, troops set fire and hanging a crime on his supporters?”
Life of common households are not affected except internet work at this moment, but anything might happen anytime.
Prayer request
1. Need of renewal of Oko’s resident visa. Please pray that she will be able to renew her visa. (Since the name of her son Hikaru and Delight are on her visa, but not the name of her third son Hibiki)
2.Need of the cash in this “Quasi emergency status declaration” situation. Needs of 200,000 yen as living expenses
 Needs of Zambia orphanage


▼Bank account (sender must bear the sending charge.)
・Mizuho Bank Gotanda Branch Account number (individual ordinary) 2069305
・Account name / NPO The Cornerstone Orphanage

Notice:If you want transfer directly from your account to our account, please ask our bank with the account number above.
(You should owe the sending charge and the service charge every time, please understand it.)

② For 【Postal transfer】
▼Postal transfer (If you use printed form which we send to you, there is no charge to transfer )
・Account number/00130-5-24249
・Account name / NPO The Cornerstone Orphanage
We pray and ask your kind support for our heart.