Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Fukuoka J.Gospel Club had a concert at a mental hospital

In the morning and the afternoon of July 13, Fukuoka J.Gospel Club of the Crown of Life Fukuoka Church had J.gospel concert  at two closed wards of a mental hospital.
They have visited the hospital, the inpatients and the staff have  welcome them all the time., After the concert had stared many inpatients started to shed tears, and some sang with them, some danced with the song. One staff who listened to their gospel songs for the first time touched deeply, and said unexpectedly she shed tears. The other said that these songs are wonderful, which can touching people's hearts so much. Many people want us to come again. All the glory back to the Lord!


Sunday, 8 July 2018

Pray for people in Hiroshima

Pastor Miki Yoshiko sent message for us about flood.
Hiroshima and Kure had heavy damage. Our church’s member were safe but I couldn’t go back home and stayed in my company because of landslide and closed of traffic.
Tenou and Kure were isolate. Water wasn’t use for a while.
Thank you for your prayer. (Pictures is the view near the house of pastor Miki)

Friday, 6 July 2018

Fukuoka J. Gospel Club Holds Concert At Hospice

On July 4, Fukuoka J. Gospel Club of Crown of Life Fukuoka Church sang three Gospel songs for 15 minutes at an event in a hospice ward of a Christian Hospital in Fukuoka City.
The paients were carried to the chapel in wheelchairs and beds, their family and staff members along with the director of the hospital. About seventy people got together at the chapel and listened to us. Many of the audience was crying, all of them were listening intently. A familiy member of our Club passed away this January at this hospice and it led to this concert. We were able to testify about our hope of heaven in the concert. We sang the last song God is Love together with the audience. All of them made signs of the letter L with their hands gladly. We thank God who led all this.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Fukuoka Charismatic Holy meeting will be held

 In the morning on August 22th, Fukuoka Charismatic Holy Meeting and a seminar of prophecy will be held, Pastor Paul Akimoto will come as a main speaker.
The meeting contains the understandable message from the Bible, Japanese gospel and so on. Everyone is invited. (Admission is free) .
Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2018
10:00-10:40 Seminar of prophecy
10:45-12:30 Holy meeting 
Place:Fukouka Hikari Hall (VIENTO336 BLDG.7F,8F ,1-12-26 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city)

Pastor Paul Akimoto, Pastor Isaiah Makoto Kihara, Pastor Israel Kosuda

Tel  092-231-0277(Church Office)/ After 7:00pm would be better.

Friday, 22 June 2018

JGospel concert will be held next Sunday afternoon

J.Gospel concert, Kaze no Hibiki mini concert will be held this coming Sunday afternoon. Everyone is invited. Admission is free.

Date&time :June 24,2018 13:00-13:30
Venue: Masatomo BLDG. 
          4-5-20, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City (map)

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Praise band of Fukuoka appeared to Early Summer Festa

From 6/16〜17, “Sweet incense” and “Blessing rise” of Crown of Life Fukuoka church were invited to Early Summer Festa of Hanazono garden park of Fukuoka city Minamiku, and held a live concert.
 That was the second time next to last year, we sang J-gospel for 30 minutes on both day in a fine weather. Many people stopped to listen our performance, there were people who was shedding tears, who told us “I came at the good time!” with joy, we received good response more than ever. Though we have been praying for media, on –the spot broadcasting was going on, and J-gospel had been on the air as BGM all the time. We got an offer of the event in autumn and winter from the promoter. We give thanks to the Lord who guided us.


Monday, 18 June 2018

Video of Sweet incense is uploaded

Sweet incense, a gospel group of the Crown of life Fukuoka Church, sang some J.gospel songs at Early Summer Festa. Have a look.

Video of Blessing rise is uploaded

Blessing rise, a gospel group of the Crown of life Fukuoka Church, sang J.gospel songs at Early Summer Festa. We uploaded its video. Have a look.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Cambodia Team Will Be Sent

Cambodia team will be sent from Monday, 24 September to Thursday, the 27th September.  Anybody other than seminary students can attend this dispatch.  The fees for registration is ¥10000 for adult, ¥3000 for University, high school and junior high school students.  Free for primary school students and below.  This registration fees cannot be returned on cancellation. However you can pass it to other person.

The airplane fare is ¥123,6000 inclusive of tax in case of 100% milage Thai air departing from Haneda.
It is ¥72700 in case of 25% milage.

In case of ANA, the price is ¥71080 inclusive of tax. We are still checking the price with milage.
The above is the price for airplane only.  There will be charges for lodging, food, visa and insurance.  The airplane fee will be booked one by one, so it will probably be more expensive after this.

Thai air 24th(Mon)depart Haneda 10:35 ー arrive Bankok 15:05
depart Bankok 18:45一arrive Phnom Penh 19:55
Thai air 27th(Thu)depart Phnom Penh depart 09:40一arrive Bankok 10:50
depart Bankok 13:00一arrive Haneda 21;10
ANA 24th(Mon) depart Narita 10:50一 arrive Phnom Penh15:10
ANA 27th(Thu) depart Phnom Penh 22:50一28日arrive Narita06:45
If you want to join the tour, Please contact Department of Asia, Water Flowing From the Sanctuary Mission.
TEL 03-33339-0588/FAX 03-3339-0587

Cambodian team is going to go

From September 24 to 27 we are going to go to Cambodia.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Street kids come to every Sunday worship service!

In the Zambian Church, the work of evangelism to the street kids is greatly advanced by the hands of the Lord.
Every Sunday, in addition to 50 – 60 people who are already protected, about 100 street kids who are still on the street come by truck, and we have meal after worshiping the Lord together.
Everyone has accepted salvation, furthermore some of them started to wish to work for the Lord.
Please pray for their spiritual needs, the economy to support them, the microphones and instruments for worship, sound equipments and chairs etc.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Air Ticket Price of Israel Team

Air ticket price of Israel team will be ¥145000, which is ¥10000 more from today onwards. The air ticket will be possibly change, because we add booking one by one.  So you need to check the price before booking.
Your corporation is appreciated.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Application for Vol. 6, Kaze no Hibiki

Application for Vol. 6 Kaze no Hibiki
○Please try to send the sound in CD or MP3 data by post or email
Data should be in MP3 or WAVE.
Add name of song, name of lyrics writer and composer, whether its new or repeated application.
You can send songs in tape or MD. Do not separate songs. (Put more than one songs in one media)  For each songs, put name of song, name of lyrics writer, composer and whether it is new or repeated song.
〇Please consider making songs for non-christians, English songs, songs for young people.
○Regarding lyrics writing and composing, please be very careful not to copy someone’s songs.
○We accept only songs which were recorded or edited within 3 months.
For repeated songs, please try to make difference, for example, change a part of melody, lyrics or change singers and so on.
Please put music to the song, and submit music score, with code and tempo. If you have problem writing music scores, you can submit the sound file first.
Submit lyrics written on a different sheet.
At the time of application, copyright of your songs will belong to J.GOSPEL copyright committee.

Your applied media will not be returned.
Please submit in the best condition, because the applied media might be used directly in CD.
deadline of repeated songs is middle of August.
We accept application of lyrics only. Please submit as early as possible, as composers will look into your lyrics and add melody.
For application,
Postal address:#405 Kaneda Bldg.,2-15-1, Koenji Kita, Suginami-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Blessing rise of the Crown of Life Fukuoka Church performed at an event of live house

On 12th, Blessing rise of the Crown of Life Fukuoka Church was invited some event at a live house in Chikushino City,  sang J.Gospel for 30 minutes. An famed J.Pop singer used to use the venue regularly and sound quality was good, Blessing rise was able to sing to carefree. Some audiences said ”it was nice even they have never heard such a song", "usually soft voice singers are not powerful voice, but you had. I felt comfortable." or "I heard your singing before, I like Japanese gospel. I was healed whenever I heard these songs." Blessing rise introduced about the song books of Kaze no Hibiki, or Yasuragi no uta and Hakuba song competition. Thank God for leading them!

Friday, 11 May 2018

Commodities Were Donated to Cambodian Orphanage

A person working in Travel Agency called us and he gave clothes, hats, and other commodities to support the children in Cambodian Orphanage.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

A praise band of Crown of the Life Fukuoka church held a park live at outside concert hall

On 4th, J-gospel club and some gospel groups of Crown of the Life Fukuoka church praised at out-door stage of the park located in Kasuga city.
In a fine weather, we sang gospel songs from the song book called “Sound of wind” “Yasuragino uta”. Unexpectedly, who are playing music in another event, and our church member came with family member, we had wonderful encounter.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Fukuoka J Gospel Club held a gospel concert due to a request of nursing home

Fukuoka J Gospel Club held a gospel concert due to a request of nursing home on April 21 in Dazaifu, Kyushu. Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Please Pray for Healing for Pastor Olivia Sakai of The Lord’s Blessing Naruto Church

Pastor Olivia Sakai of The Lord’s blessing Naruto church has got her neck bent. She has severe pain on the head and went to Orthopedic surgery clinic and let them pull her head.  Then the pain got worse than before.
After her neck being pulled, her legs, that used to be bad got worse and now she cannot stand, because of her legs pain.
She cannot take medicine nor intravenous drip, because she is allergic to medicine. The doctor told her he cannot give her any treatment.
Please pray for the healing of her neck and legs pain, so that she can walk and recover without losing physical strength.

Live Distribution of Kokoro Gospel

‘Kokoro Gospel” concert that will be held on the 30 April in Suginami, Tokyo will be distributed live.
With this, you can watch the video starting the exact time of concert for one week.  To purchase, please write to the email address below.
The ticket for live is ¥1000 per person.  However, if more than 5 people will watch together in the church and so on, it will be ¥3000.
J. Gospel concert “29th Kokoro Gospel”
Date: Monday, 30 April
Time: 19.00
Live distribution ticket: ¥1000
More than 5 people: ¥3000
Venue: The Koenji 2 (Suginami)
Performers: Gifts, TrueVine, Jerusalem, JOY, Bless (Okinawa), Yuki Nakamoto (Okinawa), Gospel Choir
To purchase ticket:
“Kokoro gospel” website:
Enquiry: The Vision Co.Ltd.
TEL: 070-6462-5345(Concert)

Monday, 23 April 2018

“Kokoro Gospel Concert” Will Be Held On Monday, April 30

“Kokoro Gospel Concert” will be held on Monday, April 30.
Please come and join us.
【Date and Time】
19:00, Monday, April 30, 2018 (The Hall will open at 18:30)
【The Place】
Za Koenji 2
Adults: 2000 yen, Advance Ticket 1500 yen
Junior High and High School Students: 1400 yen, Advance Ticket 1000 yen
【Produced by】
【For Further Information】
The Vision
TEL 070-6462-5345

Fukuoka Charisma Holy Meeting will be held

Fukuoka Charisma Holy Meeting will be held.

Date and time:
May 1, 2018
Seminar of Prophecy 18:00-18:40
Charisma Holy meeting 18:45-20:30

Masatomo BLDG. (Map)

Pastor Paul Akimoto (TLCCC Tokyo Antioch Church)
Pastor Isaiah Makoto Kihara (TLCCC the Servant of God Nagasaki Church)
Pastor Israel Megumi Kosuda (TLCCC the Crown of Life Fukuoka Church)

Contact: 092-231-0277(Church office)After 7:00 pm 

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Please pray healing for Visna in Cambodia Orphanage

We really appreciate your warmly support. Visna, who is in Cambodia Orphanage, is infected with hepatitis B so that he has jaundice also in the while of his eyes. The result of his blood test was not good, so he is having more medical checkup in the hospital. He hasn’t got a fever, but once it’s been decided, medical or IV treatment may be started. Please pray healing for Visna.

Monday, 16 April 2018

“Recorded Video of Pastor Leon’s Message in Tokyo Charisma Holy Meeting” is Uploaded

“Recorded Video of Pastor Leon’s Message in Tokyo Charisma Holy Meeting” is uploaded.
Please have a look.

The blog “The Russian Jew Pastor Leon has come. Three days to spend at Tokyo Antioch church” was uploaded

We uploaded the blog “The Russian Jew Pastor Leon has come. Three days to spend at Tokyo Antioch church” .
please have a look.

Praise band of Clown of life Fukuoka Church held a live in “Sakura and Almond flower festival”

March 31st and April 1st, praise band called “Sweet incense” and “Blessing-rise” of Clown of life Fukuoka Church were invited to “Sakura and Almond flower festival” held at flower field garden park located in Fukuoka city, and each group held 40 minutes live. In a nice weather, many people visited the park, they were listening to J-gospel.
In the audience, there was a person who came to the live we held last year and liked gospel, and came to the live again this year too. We could webcast the live online, we could held wonderful live in full bloomed Sakura and Almond flower. We give thanks to the Lord!

Friday, 16 March 2018

Monday, 12 March 2018

Hawaii team will be sent from today

From today to March 15, Hawaii team will be sent. Please remember this team in your prayer.
You can see how the team is doing from the photo album of the latest information of Hawaii team. (Now only in Japanese)

Friday, 9 March 2018

“Blog Before Hawaii Team” is Uploaded

“Blog Before Hawaii Team” is uploaded.
Please have a look.
For In English ver. Click a picture below. (It's autotranslation)

The letter to mother. The story of boy, named Thomas Kozaki.

A boy, Thomas Kozak was one of 26 Martyrs in Japan. This is a true story.

How he loved the Lord, and willingly to live for Him. This short film was made by TLCCC Film Mission.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

An information for IT and SNS seminars in Hakuba Synergoi camp

An information of seminars in Hakuba camp.
IT and SNS seminar
February 28
After the holy meeting
Near the 1 floor Robby
Pastor Samuel Kasahara
The seminar is how use SNS Instagram, Facebook, Twitter about church’s activity, the praise band and movie for preaching gospel in 21 century.
500 yen per 1 seminar
Blog seminar
March 1
After the holy meeting
Pastor Phobe Hirota
Blog setting from the administration screen.
Teach how to eddition
iPhone, Android, IPad mini and PC
500 yen per a seminar