Monday, 30 May 2016

Hibiya J.GOSPEL FES are goiing to be held

Hibiya J.GOSPEL FES are goiing to be held (the sponsership The Vision) at the music hall Hibiya park.
This time 21 groups will attend it. Please come here, Let’s gave enjoy.
Day&Hour: June 25 Saturday 10:00 to 15:30
Place:Hibiya park Onogai music hall
Admission Free
Stage appearance:Gifts / Sarah Maeda / Gospel Seed / JOY / Jerusalem/ Come&Worship / TrueVine / La’sposa / Israel / Beracha / Euqualistias / Ulanos / Immanual / Tehillim / PATOLIS / L’abeille / Kivtu / Truth / The Gate of Praise / Tree of Life / By His Spirit (in random order)
Sponsership and Information:The Vision  TEL 070-6462-5345 E-mail website

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Fukuoka J-Gospel Club Held Concert In Hospital For Children

In the afternoon of May 25, Fukuoka J-Gospel Club of Crown of Life Fukuoka Church held a concert at a hospital for children in Fukuoka City.
Children with their parents and doctors and nurses got together to the Lobby Hall of the hospital, and people listened from the first and seocnd floors. After singing together some songs popular with children like “Anpan man”, we sang songs from Yasuragi and Kazeno-Hibiki songbooks. Children clapped their hands to the song Love Jesus. Some were listening very intensely and shedding tears. After the concert there there were some people who talked too us saying, “It was very good!” As we visit this hospital regularly, the Gospel is going into the hearts of the people deeply. We thank the Lord!

Monday, 23 May 2016

“Doomsday” to be available on Kindle version

On May 20, “Doomsday: Events That The Bible Foretells To Come Up Soon” from A Rainbow in The Clouds Publishers will be available on Kindle version. It costs 15 dollars. You can buy it from the Internet shopping site Amazon.

A mission team for Patmos will be sent

A mission team for Patmos will be sent from July 7th Thursday to 16th Saturday.
 Anyone can join the team. 
 A airline company is Turkish airlines, the ticket fee is 155,800 yen (including tax)
 (This is the amount of at this moment, it might change) 
 The seat will be secured, when we booked the name of a person who surely join the team. We will book the seat every time, the fee might change. 
 Please apply early, if you have burden. 
 The schedule of the flight is
 July 7th(Thursday)from Narita 22:30  TK 053
 July 16th Saturday From Narita 19:10  TK 052 
 Application and information
 Europe division (person in charge: Sakaki)
 TEL 03-3339-0588 / FAX 03-3339-0587
 E-mail address of Europe division

Friday, 13 May 2016

Please pray for approval of our foster home

A foster home council will be held on May 23, which is held once a year. Please pray that we will be able to obtain a permission for our foster home.