Monday, 23 May 2016

A mission team for Patmos will be sent

A mission team for Patmos will be sent from July 7th Thursday to 16th Saturday.
 Anyone can join the team. 
 A airline company is Turkish airlines, the ticket fee is 155,800 yen (including tax)
 (This is the amount of at this moment, it might change) 
 The seat will be secured, when we booked the name of a person who surely join the team. We will book the seat every time, the fee might change. 
 Please apply early, if you have burden. 
 The schedule of the flight is
 July 7th(Thursday)from Narita 22:30  TK 053
 July 16th Saturday From Narita 19:10  TK 052 
 Application and information
 Europe division (person in charge: Sakaki)
 TEL 03-3339-0588 / FAX 03-3339-0587
 E-mail address of Europe division

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