Saturday, 28 January 2017

Gospel Mini Concert will be held tomorrow

Kaze no hibiki mini concert, Japanese heartful gospel concert will be held from 13:00 pm to 13:30 tomorrow.
We also stream it, Clikck URL.


Thursday, 26 January 2017

Hawaii team came back to Japan safely

Hawaii team arrived at Narita airport safe and sound.
Thank you for your prayer.

United Airs’ seats

Our retreat called ‘Thanksgiving and Praises and Revival Camp’ will be held in LA from Mon. 27 March through Sat. 1 April. The 123800 yen ticket’s price with the United Air was closed.
After that time, the price may increase. If you’d like to join the Camp, we try to book the seats at the time we receive the request.
For information and registration,
please contact the North America Department of Mission.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The schedule of holy meetings of Hawaii team

The schedule of holy meetings of Hawaii team is as follows.

Date: Tuesday, 24 Jan
Contac:Pastor Jerusalem Fuchino, TLCCC Hawaii church
Email add:

Saturday, 21 January 2017

We accepted a boy in Lusaka orphanage

We acceopted Kennedy Kabwera 12 years old in Lusaka orphanage.
His mother dided several years ago, then he abused by his father and mother in low.
We obtained the information from last year, and we were able to accept him formally with the intention himself and the approval his parents.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

We ask you to pray for Kai of Cambodia orpahange

When Kai of Cambodia orphanage was on the way back from school, one car hit him on his left side, the car run away left him alone.
 After that 5-6 of his friends who he called came running to help him, and brought him to a hospital.
 He hit his head heard when he was hit by the car, though he didn’t have fracture of any bone, but he got pitiful injury to his head and arms.
 Though he was treated his wound at that hospital, since he hit his heard, I took him to another hospital to get CT scan.
 As the result of CT scan, no trouble was found, he could came back to the orphanage.
&nbsp Thank you very much for your prayer of intercession for him.
 Kai is bruised all over, so please pray for him continuously that all his pain to be gone quickly, and injury of his head and arms to be healed in short time.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

J.GOSPEL FES in Hibiya to hold

A gospel concert named ‘Hibiya J. GOSPEL FES’ hosted by The Vision holds in a park of Hibiya.
Date: Saturday, January 14
Starting from 11 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.
Place: Hibiya Park Outside Concert Stage
Admission Free
By His Spirit (11:00-11:10)
GRACIOUS DOORS (11:11-11:21)
Tree of Life (11:22-11:32)
The Gate of Praise (11:33-11:43)
L’abeille (11:44-11:54)
Truth (11:55-12:05)
Euqaristias (12:06-12:16)
Immanual (12:17-12:27)
Uranos (12:28-12:38)
Beracha (12:39-12:49)
PATOLIS (12:50-13:00)
Kibbuz (13:01-13:11)
Tehillim (13:12-13:22)
La Spousa (13:23-13:33)
Come&Worship (13:34-13:44)
Israel (13:45-13:55)
JOY (13:56-14:06)
Jerusalem (14:07-14:22)
TrueVine (14:23-14:38)
Gospel Seed (14:39-14:54)
Sara Maeda (14:55-15:10)
Please contact us at The Vision.
TEL: 070-6462-5345

Friday, 6 January 2017

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Hibiya J. GOSPEL FES will be held

A concert called ‘Hibiya J. GOSPEL FES’ will be held in a park in Hibiya.
Date and Time:  Wed., January 14
Starting from 11 A. M. to 3:30 P. M.
Place: Small Music Hall in Hibiya Park
The admission is free
By His Spirit (11:00-11:10)
GRACIOUS DOORS (11:11-11:21)
Tree of Life (11:22-11:32)
The Gate of Praise (11:33-11:43)
L’abeille (11:44-11:54)
Truth (11:55-12:05)
Euqaristias (12:06-12:16)
Immanual (12:17-12:27)
Uranosu (12:28-12:38)
Beracha (12:39-12:49)
PATOLIS (12:50-13:00)
Kibuzzu (13:01-13:11)
Tehillim (13:12-13:22)
La Spousa (13:23-13:33)
Come&Worship (13:34-13:44)
Israel (13:45-13:55)
JOY (13:56-14:06)
Jerusalem (14:07-14:22)
True Vine (14:23-14:38)
Gospel Seed (14:39-14:54)
Sara Maeda (14:55-15:10)
Hosted by The Vision
Contact: TEL 070-6462-5345 E-mail

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Philippine Orphanage had a yearly party

The Philippine Orphanage had a yearly party. Most of children usually live in mountain areas, smokey mountains and slum areas. They enjoyed the party. It was a real blessing.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Finally start to broadcast from Dec.31

From today December 31 Tokyo Antioch Church broadcast the short message of Pastor Akimoto “Story of the Bible which the shortest in the world” by movie every morning (Update at 6:00 AM ).
Please have a look.