Tuesday, 17 January 2017

We ask you to pray for Kai of Cambodia orpahange

When Kai of Cambodia orphanage was on the way back from school, one car hit him on his left side, the car run away left him alone.
 After that 5-6 of his friends who he called came running to help him, and brought him to a hospital.
 He hit his head heard when he was hit by the car, though he didn’t have fracture of any bone, but he got pitiful injury to his head and arms.
 Though he was treated his wound at that hospital, since he hit his heard, I took him to another hospital to get CT scan.
 As the result of CT scan, no trouble was found, he could came back to the orphanage.
&nbsp Thank you very much for your prayer of intercession for him.
 Kai is bruised all over, so please pray for him continuously that all his pain to be gone quickly, and injury of his head and arms to be healed in short time.

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