Friday, 22 April 2016

We invite contributions to support the churches hit by the Kumamoto Earthquake

We would like too offer our condolences to those who suffered from the Kumamoto Quake.
We invite contributions to support the TLCCC churches hit by this earthquake.
the information of transfer account is as following:
Japan Post Bank Transfer Account 00150-0-84337 (019 checking account 0084337)
Shuno-jujika-kurisuchan-sentah Tokyo-anteoke-kyokai
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Koenji Branch Deposit Account 1426955
Shuno-jujika-kurisuchan-sentah Tokyo-anteoke-kyokai


Saturday, 16 April 2016

A charity live was held on Nishi Dori St. at the central Tenjin.

Some of the curch members had an street live for helping the children care center in Fukushima on Nishi Dori St. in the evening. Many passersby received the news letters and some were donated. We really appreciate for their kindness. 

Monday, 11 April 2016

Kokoro Gospel Will Be Held on Saturday, 16th April at “The Koenji 2”

Gospel concert, “Kokoro Gospel” will be held on Saturday, 16th April at “The Koenji 2”  Please come.
Start at 19:00, Venue open at 18:30
Advance      Adult  1200 yen/ junior high and high school students  500 yen   /   primary school students and younger  Free
Door           Adult 1500 yen/ junior high and high school students 700 yen  /  primary school students and younger  Free
Planning & Production: The Vision
Inquiry: The Vision  TEL 070-6462-5345 / E-mail

Friday, 8 April 2016

A Movie of Gospel Showcase is uploaded

We uploaded a video of Gospel Showcase that was held on March 31 is uploaded.
Have a look!

Fukuoka J-Gospel Club Held Concert In Elderly Care Facility

In the afternoon of April 5, Fukuoka J-Gospel Club in The Crown of LIfe Fukuoka Church held a concert at an elderly Care Facility in Fukuoka City. A member of the church is using this facility, and we visit them regularly.
We sang songs from Kaze-no Hibiki and Yasuragi songbooks and some school songs. Especially male users sang eagerly and the staff members were surprised at the sight. The director of the facility said “The Flower” was good.
Also we showed them a short movie “Young Boy Rudobigo and 26 corsses” and the Gospel was preached. We thank God who led the concert.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

We uploaded “The film during 20 years Rev. Merlin Carothers and The Lord’s Cross Christian Center”

We uploaded “The film during 20 years Rev. Merlin Carothers and The Lord’s Cross Christian Center”
Please have a look.

Cancer of Ms. Kazama has been healed

Cancer which has spread to four place has found in cerebellum of Ms. Kazama of Nagoya church, one of them has become big as 23mm.
If it becomes bigger than 25mm it affect function of the brain, it might give disorder or it might affect the function that is concerned in her life such as breathing. When she hospitalized urgently, her brain was swollen very badly, so there was a worry of an aftereffect.
But soon after she had hospitalized her condition started to get well, when she moved to another hospital for the treatment of gamma knife, her brain was not swollen, and by an examination it was found that three cancer were disappeared, and cancer of 23mm had become 10mm, so it was easy to take out the cancer with gamma knife. Since Ms. Kazama took medicine to restrain the swollen of the brain but no anticancer drug this time, it is impossible in the view of medical science, so it is completely God’s healing, the answer of the prayer.
Now she doesn’t have swollen of brain at all.
We give thanks to the Lord.