Thursday, 18 May 2017

26th Heartfelt Gospel Concert DVD is now on sale

The 26th Heartfelt Gospel Concert DVD, which was held on April 14 at Kameido Culture Center Cameria Hall, is now on sale. It’s a 2-DVD set only in Japanese. It costs 2160 yen (tax included).

Information about the Patmos Team

A mission team will be sent to Patmos from Tue. 11 through Thurs. 20 July. Participation in the team is open to everyone.
The ticket’s price per person with Air France is 183,500 yen (tax included) as of May 13. We will book the seats at the time we receive the request, so the price might change. We appreciate your earlier applications.
For more information,
please contact the Europe Department of Mission.
TEL 03-3339-0588 / FAX 03-3339-0587

The application for change of articles of incorporation of the cornerstone ophanage was admired

The cornerstone ophanage applied for the change of articles of incorporation for the work of family home, an announcement of approval came from Tokyo. Thank you God.

The wife of pastor Castio went to Heaven

On May 10 Wednesday noon , the wife of pastor Castio went to Heaven because of heart failure.

The Following Worship Songs Will Be Awarded

The Following Worship Songs Will Be Awarded
The following worship songs in Kazeno Hibiki Vol.4 will be awarded. They will be commended at Hakuba Camp.
The Best Songwriter Award: David Maeda for “Sekai-no Owari,” “Megumi-ni yotte,” “Ten-no Sambi,” “Show me the way,” “Genki-wo Dashite.”
Grand Prize: “Hanairo,” by Israel Migiwa
The Best Worship Song: “Modori-bashi,” by Noah Terumi
The Most Popular Worship Song: “Sekai-no Owari,” by David Maeda
Worship Song Award: “Katari tuzukeyou,” by Aya Senoguchi
Worship Song Award: “Megumi-ni Yotte,” by David Maeda
Worship Song Award: “Ten-no Erusaremu,” “Yorokobi-no Koe,” by Erisa Ohta
Worship Song Award: “NISHIZAKA,” by Motoko Taniguchi
Worship Song Award: “Eien-ni Mukatte,” by Kyoko Sada
Worship Song Award: “Shu-no Kiseki,” by Atsushi Yamashita

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Following Songs Will Be Awarded for Lyrics

The following songs will be warded for lyrics. They will be commended at Hakuba Camp
The Best Lyrics Award: “Modori-bashi” by Noah Terumi
Lyrics Award: “Hana-iro” by Israel Migiwa
Lyrics Award: “Katari Tsuzukeyou” by Aya Senoguchi
Lyrics Award: “Kami-sama-no Vision-ni Mukatte” by Miyoko Kayano
Lyrics Award: “Megumi-ni Yotte” by David Maeda
Psalms Specia Award: Psalm 111 by David Maeda

Zambia Orphanage was taken clothes

Ordinary people, who visited the Zambia Orphanage before, take many clothes to the children at The Cornerstone Orphanage. They sent them to Oko’s house because she has been temporarily returning to Japan. She will sent them to Zambia. We are thankful to them.

About the airlines of the Patomos team

On July 11 to 20, the Patomos team will be sent. This mission is able to be joined by everybody.
Airlines for those who applies from now  1. Departure Lufthansa Germany airline, Returning Swizerland airlines 249,800yen per one (including tax). 2. Air France (arrival at Narita)  183,500 yen per one (including tax). However, it will be the airplane fee as of May 13.
Booking seats, we book the name of those who be able to go certainly and deciding. Because we will pick up your seat each time, there is a possibility that the charge will change.
Please make early applicating who wants to go.
Fright schedule: 1. July 11 Tuseday arrive at Haneda 12:35 to Lufthansa airline. July 20 Thursday return to Narita 7:50 from Switzerland airline.
2. July 11 Tuseday arrive at Narita 11:00 to Air France July 20 Thursday return to Narita from Air france.
Application and Information The water flowing from the sanctuary mission European section.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Kyushu Praise Contest Was Held

On May 3 in Nagasaki, Kyushu Praise Contest was held. Two teams younger than elderly school students, two young team, and 29 adult teams (33 teams in all) fought each other. The first place went to First Fruit(Miyazaki), in the department of teams younger than the elementary students. The Crown (Kumamoto) won thee first place in Young department. The teams which go on to the Hakuba Final will be chosen out of the teams who won the local contest all over Japan.
In the adult department, the first place went to two groups, Lumiere (Isahaya) and Miracle (Kitakyushu). In the final contest, Miracle won. Lumiere, Olivet (Kurume), Shuno Shimobe-tachi (Nagasaki), Fruit of Faith (Kumamoto) were runner-up. Next came Yamazato Gospel Club.