Wednesday, 17 May 2017

About the airlines of the Patomos team

On July 11 to 20, the Patomos team will be sent. This mission is able to be joined by everybody.
Airlines for those who applies from now  1. Departure Lufthansa Germany airline, Returning Swizerland airlines 249,800yen per one (including tax). 2. Air France (arrival at Narita)  183,500 yen per one (including tax). However, it will be the airplane fee as of May 13.
Booking seats, we book the name of those who be able to go certainly and deciding. Because we will pick up your seat each time, there is a possibility that the charge will change.
Please make early applicating who wants to go.
Fright schedule: 1. July 11 Tuseday arrive at Haneda 12:35 to Lufthansa airline. July 20 Thursday return to Narita 7:50 from Switzerland airline.
2. July 11 Tuseday arrive at Narita 11:00 to Air France July 20 Thursday return to Narita from Air france.
Application and Information The water flowing from the sanctuary mission European section.

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