Thursday, 27 April 2017

Application for “Sound of Wind Vol.5” is Open

Application for “Sound of Wind Vol.5” is open. Read the application guideline and apply early.
Application guideline
○Try to send the soud source in CD or MP3 format by post or email.
Format must be either MP3 or WAVE
Put the name or the song, lyrics writer’s name, composer’s name and whether it is new song or repeated application as file name.
You can send tape and MD. Put some songs (if you have) in one media. In that case, please put the name of the song, lyrics writer’s name, composer’s name and whether it is new song or repeated application .
○Please be very careful not to violate the copyrght, like referring to other songs and so on.
○The sound source must be the one recorded or edited within 3 month.
In case of repeated applied songs, please try to make some changes like changing lyrics, melody, singers and so on.
Put the music, score with code and tempo with the sound source. (If it is difficult to make a score, you can apply sound source only)
Lyrics and score must be on different document/ file.
At the moment you will apply those songs, the copyright of the songs belong to J.GOSPEL copyright committee.
We will not return the applied media.
Plelase apply with the best recording quality, so that we can use it on CD.
The deadline of the repeated application is early August.
We accept application of lyrics only. ( Please apply as early as possible, as the lyrics will be shown to composers and they will use your lyrics to make songs. )
Postal address: Song Application Department, Tokyo Antioch church office, 405, Kaneda Building, 15-1, Koenji kita 2 Chome, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

U.S. Team Digest Video Is Uploaded

U.S. Team digest video is uploaded.
Please have a look.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Mission Team to Patmos

A mission team will be sent to Patmos from Tue. 11 through Thurs. 20 July. Participation in the team is open to everyone. The team will fly with Lufthansa. The ticket’s price per person is 185,000 yen (tax included) as of April 19. We will book the seats at the time we receive the request, so the price might change. We appreciate your earlier applications.
For more information,
please contact the Europe Department of Mission.
TEL 03-3339-0588 / FAX 03-3339-0587

Monday, 24 April 2017

Child In Orphanage Was Invited as Guest Speaker In Advancment Cemremony In High School

Kenny who was supported by school enrollment subsidy program was invited to advancemnt ceremony in Mahayahai High School and gave a speech as a guest speaker.  Kenny won a scholarship from the Government and went on to College and graduated from  the department of economics.  The scholarship only provided with tuition and he had to stop out and earn his living.  It took him 6 years to graduate from college.  We thank you for your support.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

On May, Fukuoka Charismatic Holy Conference will be held

On May 1st, Fukuoka Charismatic Holy Conference will be held.
Everyone is invited. Admission is free.

◻︎Seminar of Prophecy: 18:40~19:20
◻︎Holy Conference: 19:30~21:00
◻︎Place: ACROS Fukuoka, Arena Hall (1F) (map)
1-1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City

◻︎Contact: (Tel) 092-732-7362 (Church Office) /  Email:

“Fukuoka J Gospel Club” held a gospel concert at a Catholic nursing home

“Fukuoka J Gospel Club” from The Crown of Life Fukuoka Church held a gospel concert at a Catholic nursing home on Tue. 11 April in the afternoon. We were so surprised because one of the staffers explained the concert while making a “L” letter by his fingers. About 30 people attended the concert and sang “Flower” and “Oborojukiyo” together with joy. We also sang “Keep Your Head Up” and “Hanairo” from a “The Sound of The Wind” songbook. We felt that they were touched by gospel songs. When we tried to sing “God Is Love”, the staff members gave instruments like tambourines, bells and etc to the people, so we enjoyed singing it with instruments together. After the concert, one of the staffers said, “I’m so surprised because the gospel music made their hearts open. We give all the glory to the Lord.

Monday, 3 April 2017

“Kokoro Gospel” will be broadcast live.

“Kokoro gospel”will be held in Kameido of Tokyo on April 14, and it will be broadcast live.
It will be broadcast live on the day, and you can watch it for a week.
Please apply to the following address.
A live viewing ticket is 1,000 yen per person, but if more than 5 people gather at a church etc and watch it together, it will be 3,000 yen. Please apply.
Date and time: April 14th (Friday) opening 7:00 p.m.
A live viewing ticket : 1,000 yen
More than 5 people : 3,000 yen
Venue: Kameido Cultural Center Camellia Hall
The cast :Gifts、 TrueVine(Koufu)、Jerusalem、JOY、Bless(Okinawa)
Application address for a live viewing ticket
Website of Kokoro Gospel
The Vision limited company
TEL: 070-6462-5345 (For the concert)