Thursday, 25 February 2016

Conference Information about February USA Team

Denver Holy Conference
Date: Mon. Feb. 29, starting at 6:30 p.m.
Place: La Quinta Inn Denver Cherry Cree1975 S. Colorado Blvd,
Denver, CO 80222 (meeting room nearby a frontdesk)
(Pastor Kamidate is in charge of both TLCCC Baton Rouge Church and Denver Church)
St. Louis Holy Conference
Date: Tue. March 1, holding between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
Place: United Provisions:6241 Delmar BlvdSaint Louis, MO 63130
(Sis. Grace of LA Church)
New York Holy Conference
Date: Wed. March 2, starting at 5:00 p.m.
Place: 474 (5th Fl.) 7th Ave. New York, NY 10018SM Academy
(bet.35th & 36th street)
The conference will be held on the 5th floor of a building including a Burger King.
(Pastor Daniel Asano of TLCCC NY church)

Friday, 19 February 2016

Films which are nominated for the Christian film festival 2016 was decided

Films which are nominated for the Christian film festival 2016 was decided.
The following films are going to be screened in the Hakuba Christian film festival on February 18th.
1-01 Keep on singing / Horinouchi
1-02 1-03 Sound of wind / Joseph Sanbonmatsu
1-04 Be Joyful! Street Live Ver. Israel / Migiwa
1-05 Song of Joy Splendor / Splendor
1-10 Love Jesus / Tokyo Antioch church Junior high school and high school students 1-12 NEW LIFE / Kyoko Okamoto
1-14 Kaze no yukue / Gifts
2-02 From the darkness to the light / Zambia
2-07 Video of visiting NPO The Cornerstone Orphanage Cambodia orphanage / Fukuoka church film section
2-08 Lord has changed my son / Toshie Denishi
2-09 Hope / Keiko Keiko
2-10 Healing / Terada family
2-11 Even though it is not so
2-12 Being led to the mission for Romania ~ By one word of the Lord and one book, The truth of the Lord I saw after 20 years! ~ Izumi Ouchi
2-13 Footprint / Kyoko Okamoto
2-14 Astonishing work happened in the international service of The Servants-of-God Nagasaki Church / international team
international team
3-03 Miyazaki Gospel Club Hope / Joshua Minami
3-04 / Hanna / Tsukuda
3-05 Yokkaichi Zion Church CM / Yokkaichi Zion Church film section
3-06 Sound of wind mini concert online CM / Fukuoka church film section
3-07 Osaka Charismatic meeting information / Ester Monai
3-09 Gospel Class / Kyoko Okamoto
3-10 Introduction film of Nagasaki church camp / Toshiya Matsumoto
4-01 Boy Ludovico and 26 cross / Peter & Midori Kubota 
4-02 The way to see the help of the Lord at the entrance examination / Israel Kihara
4-03 Story of Jonah / Ichiha Tukuda
4-04 The Word / Maeda Brothes

Gifts Performed in a Concert Held by JR in the Premises of Akihabara Station

Gifts performed in a concert held by JR in the premises of Akihabara station.  Many people stopped and there was a good reaction.  They had many comments on facebook.  Gospel was sent to many people.  We give thanks to the Lord.

A woman who has a cystic tumor and ovarian hypofunction was healed

On Saturday, February 13, a healing ministry was held. When a singing group named “Immanuel” performed a street of Koenji, one person got off from a bus and listened. During the concert in a healing ministry, one of the members shred her testimony about how her cystic tumor and ovarian hypofunction was healed. And during delivering a message, God spoke to a person; “You will not drink any more from today.” and then he hasn’t drunk at all as God said.


Monday, 8 February 2016

The article of the concert of Gifts appears in the website of the child Hospital

Gifts held a concert in Fukuoka City child Hospital on February 1, but an article to place in the thanks for concert and the homepage of the hospital from the staff in charge of has been sent.
Everyone seemed to be glad. That is going to be placed in the website of the hospital from now on.
Comment, “there was the staff who came that a singing voice was wonderful and listened to hear a rumor.” was sent.
Thank you Lord.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Gifts gives a concert in a mental hospital at Fukuoka

Gifts gave a concert in a mental hospital at Fukuoka two times. They performed both a closing ward and a opening ward. Many inpacients and the staff gathered in both of them. They received a lot of differnt comments but all of the attendants were moved and said, “Please come here again.” Praise the Lord.

Fukuoka J Gospel Club held a concert in a care center in Karatsu city

Fukuoka J Gospel Club held a concert in a care center in Karatsu city. Participants were pleased. And a person who had a headach from the morning was healed. He or She was moved with joy. Praise the Lord.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Gifts and Fukuoka Gospel Club held a concert at children’s hospital in Fukuoka city

Gifts and Fukuoka Gospel Club held a concert at children’s hospital in Fukuoka city.
 Not only children but parents, staffs of the hospital and the director of the hospital also came to listen to our performance. 
 We received an encore, and we heard that happened for the first time among all kinds of concert which has been held at that hospital.
 The Lord had been touching everyone deeply through gospel. We give thanks to the Lord.