Sunday, 24 January 2016

Martydom prayer’s tour is held

Martydom prayer’s tour
We go to Yamamoto villege, Sonogi, Togitsu and Nishizaka which 26 martyers walked places, and have time of prayer after easy expression.
At Nishizaka, Father Luke Lenzo who the chief of the memrial hall talked us.
Please it becomes the preparance about later end of time and the period of the revealtion.
Day and Hour: February 4th Thurday, 8;00 a.m gathering at the servents of God Nagasaki church, leaves from 9:00.
Please ask for us if there is the person who come to Nagasaki airport directly.
In addition those who come from Fukuoka airport and come to Yamamoto villege directly will be able to participate from Yamamoto villege.
The tour guides are Pastor Izaiah Kihara (the seminary professor), Father Luke Lenzo (the chief of 26 martydom memorial hall).
Sponsorship: the prayer mission and the servants of God Nagasaki church.
The participation cost: subscription fee 1,000 yen, The bus fare will cahnge according to the members (2,000 to 5,000 yen). Please ask for us directly.
Contact address: 095-843-3178
E-mail address:
The transfer destination: Yucho bank sign 15130 number 11049801.
Name  Kazumi Sakai

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