Friday, 24 June 2016

Fukuoka J Gospel Club Held Concert In Mental Hospital

On June 22, the J-Gospel Club in the Crown Of Life Fukuoka Church held concert in a Prefectural Mental hospital in Dazaifu City. In the morning and in the afternoon, concerts were held in a closed ward, and we sang songs from Kazeni Hibiki and Yasuragi songbooks. In a corner in which we sang songs together with the patients, many sang together and we had a mysterious sense of oneness. Some shed tears and asked for Kleenex and other sang in a big voice. After the concert they said, “I was moved” and “I enjoyed singing” one after another. The doctors were also interested in the response of the patients.
A staff member gave CDs of the gospel group GIFTS as a Father’s Day present.
At the end of the concert, there were two encores, they sang in a big vice and were bleassed very much. We give all the glory to the Lord

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