Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Our mission team will be sent to Cambodia

Our mission team will be sent to Cambodia from Mon., 12 September through Wed., 14.
Application fee is Adult 10,000 yen, Junior high, high school and University students 3,000 yen, less than primary schoolchild become free.
It’s impossible to return if you cancel, but can give the application fee to other people.
The airplane goes from Thai airport, it cost 77,830 yen tax included.
(It’s only airplane fee and other hotel vaucher and food are needed).
Because we take the airplane each time, that’s cost may become higher.
On 12 Monday Thai airplane from Haneda departure 10:35 to arrival at Bangkok 15:05 departure 18:45 to arrival at Phnom Penh 19:55. On 14 Wednesday departure from Phnom Penh 10:10 arrival at Bangkok 11:15.
Departure from Bangkok 13;00 to arrival at Haneda 21:10.
The one participated in, please contact The Water Flowing From the Sancuary mission  Asia section .
TEL 03-3339-0588 / FAX 03-3339-0587

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