Friday, 15 July 2016

About the Recreation at Hakuba Camp

About the Recreation at Hakuba Camp
Hakuba Summer Camp 2016
Please join the recreation activity at Hakuba Camp.
Here is the schedule for the recreation.
*Morning, Wednesday, July 27
+Softball Meeting time 8:40 Departure 8:50 Free of Charge (Bring a baseball glove if you have one)
+Cortina Adventure Land (Need Reservaton) (Children must be at least 110cm tall Adults 3500 yen, Elementary school students 3000 yen)
+Kurobe Dam Meeting Time 8:05, departure 8:10 Takes about 1 hour or 1 hour and 20 min. Arrives at Hotel at 12:20 Cancelled unless at least five have applied. Excursion ship available. (It will be cold. Bring a jacket) Electronic Rotary Bus Adults 2570 yen Children 1290 yen
+Happo One Meeting time 8:20 departure 8:30 Shuttle Bus available. Cancelled unless at least five have applied. Gondola fare(round trip) Adults 1780 yen Children 950 yen
+Lilly Garden & Hakuba Ski Jump Meeting time 8:20 departure 8:30. Gondola fare at Lilly Garden Adults 1200 yen. Children 700 yen. Lift fare at Ski Jump. Adults 450 yen. Elementary School and Junior high students 280 yen.
+Tsugaike Plain, Natural Garden Meeting time 8:20 departure 8:30. Gondola & Ropeway & Admission Adults 3600 yen. Children 2050 yen.
*In the Morning, Thursday, July 28 (Gospel contest final will be held at 12:30 at Oomachi Culture Hall)
+Green Sports Forest Meeting time: 8:20 departure 8:30. It takes 35 minutes by car. Shuttle bus available. (Fishing, Athletic, Mini Bullet train, Funny Bicycle, Raft riding etc.)
Must be at least 3 years old. Admission 50 yen plus fare for each ride. Meeting time 8:20 and goes directly to Oomachi Culture hall
+Cortina Adventure Land Needs reservation (Must be at least 110 cm tall)
Adults 3500 yen. Children 3000 yen)
If you would like to take part in the recreation at Hakuba Camp let us know the date, activity, your name, name of your church, if you are accompanied by adults or not, by telephone or e-mail.
Tokyo Antioch Church
E-mail Adress:
Hakuba Camp Executive Committee
Person in charge of Recreation

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