Friday, 22 July 2016

Kazeno-Hibiki The Best Selection 3 Will Be Released

Arechi-ni-Kawa Music will release the best CD of Kazeno-Hibiki Vol.3, The BEst Selection 3 on July 26 at Hakuba Camp.
In this CD top groups participating the contest will sing the songs awarded the various prizes. Look foward to it.
The songs included are:
1.Kazeno-Yukue Gifts
2.Hakuba(White Horse)    Israel
3.Revival-ga Hajimatta Gospel Seed
4.Yorokobino-Uta(Song of Joy) JOY
5.Love Jesus Come&Worship
6.Seirei-no ame (Rain of the Holy Spirit)  TrueVine
7.Jesus   Ciel
8.Kokoni-kite-hometataeyo (Come Here and Worship Him) Jerusalem
9.Kagayaku-Mirai~Be Ambitious  Peace
10.Waga-Kami Iesuto-tomoni Spring of Life
11.Hikokini-notte  Crossroad
12.Israel-no Sambi   Jerusalem
13.Psalm 130  Bless
14.Kamisama-ni Au Toki-made Gifts
14 songs 1,800 yen (+tax)
Special prices are set up for 10CDs and 5CDs (Use them with your friends and in your church)
A special price for Hakuba Camp is also set up.

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